Medical Billing

Healthcare professionals across the country look to us for industry leading billing and revenue cycle management services. And with good reason—we provide the most effective billing and collection processes available, customized to meet each client’s unique needs. Our staff synergies ensure enhanced capabilities, including providing payment validation services, CPT and Diagnosis driven pre-billing edits by payer and effective practice management.

In addition, we have taken actions to protect our clients’ interests through careful attention to regulatory and legal requirements. We are proud to serve as your fully compliant billing partner today and, we are committed to remaining compliant in the future.

We offer a wide range of specialties, including:

        1. Dental Sleep Medicine
        2. Orthopedic
        3. Urology
        4. OB/Gynecology
        5. Internal Medicine
        6. Nephrology
        7. We are always learning and growing the specialties we bill out.


  1. Strengthen your business through dynamic consulting solutions.
  2. A unique approach. We know no two businesses are the same.
  3. Our expertise. Your success. We help our clients realize their objectives.
  4. Small Business Consulting
  5. Management Consulting
BTO Billing & Consulting

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