Accounts Receivable

We examine the documentation to determine that all activities performed have been captured. We also ensure the information collected is complete and data is accurate and appropriate for billing.  BTO Billing reviews any rejected claims for systematic issues that can be addressed in the pre-billing process (plan designations, etc.). We will appeal every claim denial until we have exhausted all resources. Refunds are addressed quickly and efficiently to comply with payer contracts and keep patients from becoming discontent.

Consulting Services

    1. On site hands-on training
    2. Training on EMR/EHR
    3. Personal customer support
    4. Webinar trainings via GoToMeeting or Skype
    5. Flexible consulting fee payment options including hourly and monthly
BTO Consulting

Credentialing Assistance

The ability to credential providers and sites correctly makes the difference—and is key to a truly effective billing process. We review each provider and identify correct credentialing, address any issues, and maintain revalidation requests. If there are issues, BTO Billing coordinates the entire process to completion. In addition our credentialing services include out of network and in network claims processing as well as credentialing for Medicare DME services.

Procedure & Diagnosis Coding

BTO Billing obtains authorizations and pre-determination for services you will be providing to your clients. We also identify and relay any documentation issues by performing regular coding and documentation audits for all of our clients. We stay current and up-to-date on medical insurance changes as well as the ever changing world of Medicare to ensure your billing needs are met with excellence.

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